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We're moving from secret trips to a Slow Travel Pass: are you in?

👋 Hello, we're Manon, Dries and Thor! Over the last year, we've handcrafted trips for 600+ slow travellers and they really loved them. To make it easy for more people to go on amazing slow travel adventures, we’re now making our best 25+ cycling and hiking trips in Belgium available through our Slow Travel Pass.

🎁 At the moment, you can only plan a secret trip if you've received a gift card. Got one? Lucky you! Click here to plan your trip.

🤩 Want to go on amazing slow travel adventures, without hours of planning? Then you should definitely check out our Slow Travel Pass!

💚 Our Slow Travel Pass in a nutshell

With just one Pass, you get access to our ready-to-go plans for trips from 2 to 5 days. These trips are for all levels, and combine the best routes with recommendations for local stops and stays. In short, you get all information you need to go so you can easily spend time in nature and discover new places!

To see what you will get, take a look at the trip examples on the website of our Slow Travel Pass. Preorder it today and get early access to all trip plans in March.